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Hookline Novel Writing Competition
Calling all book club members, we need you to judge our:

Many universities now offer M.A writing courses, but even after such study
these writers find it difficult to reach publication.

As a serious reader, you now have the opportunity to act as an editor and
help decide which new author will receive a publishing contract.

The Hookline Novel Writing Competition is open only to students and
graduates of MA writing programmes. The aim is to offer serious authors, who
have studied the novel form, the opportunity to have their work assessed by
consumers rather than industry experts.

Budding authors will begin by submitting the first three chapters and a 1,000
word synopsis of their novel – exactly what an editor or agent would see on
first evaluation. Each book club will be offered no more than ten short
manuscripts, and they will be asked to choose the writer who will move to the
next stage and submit their completed novel.

The completed manuscripts will be distributed to book clubs around the
country and evaluated on criteria such as plot, character development, writing
style and, most importantly, reader satisfaction.
The winning manuscript will receive a publishing contract from Bookline and
Thinker Ltd.

Initial submissions of manuscripts will be received by January 31, 2008. Book
clubs will have until June 1 to choose which writer should submit their complete
novel. Final decisions on a winner should be made by October 31 2008.

If your book club might be interested in participating in the competition or
would like more information, please contact us at